The TLK 100 is designed specifically for mission-critical communications and only shows the active channel. The product design efforts focused primarily on enhancing voice audio quality and longevity, while limiting the amount of information shown. Because most users rarely rely on visual or text information while using radios in the field, keeping things straightforward and targeted made the radio easier to use and less complicated to run. The prime objective of TLK 100i is to give excellent audio without any connection lag. Utilize Wi-Fi, location tracking, and crystal-clear audio to keep staff members connected and responsible. Increase productivity with simple button controls and long battery life. Boost concentration without a distracting big screen in the way.

Don’t worry about constructing or maintaining an expensive radio infrastructure. In less than 24 hours, implement nationwide push-to-talk to get your team up and running. You no longer need to be worried as broadband push-to-talk (PTT) has been provided as a consequence of the recent cancellation of frequency bands 477.0125 MHz to 477.4875 MHz and 477.5250 MHz to 477.9875 MHz by the MALAYSIAN COMMUNICATIONS AND MULTIMEDIA COMMISSION (MCMC). With walkie talkies enabled by 4G LTE, you may communicate with ease and without restrictions.

Even your current TLK 150 mobile radio systems and smartphones are compatible with the TLK 100i two-way radio. There is no need for manual programming, expensive or time-consuming FCC or spectrum licenses. You can scale your service to meet your company’s needs for a reasonable monthly investment. Additionally, you can easily reduce or terminate your service at any time.

However, we are aware that spending limits are a significant consideration for our clients when making an equipment purchase. Devices with these features could be very costly. As a result, we launched the Lease-to-Own Program. You can now get the Motorola TLK100i Walkie Talkie for a mere RM150 each month. Empower your teams with instant communication service with nationwide coverage. At RM150 monthly, you can now own a two-way radio with reliable service to help you connect with your workforce across the country at the push of a button.

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