motorola mototrbo

Motorola MOTOTRBO™ (Moto Trbo) Digital Two-Way Radio System

MOTOTRBO™ is the first digital two-way radio system from Motorola specifically designed to meet the requirements of organizations/industries outside the public safety sector mainstream that require a customizable business-critical communication solution using licensed radio spectrum. MOTOTRBO™ is a complete two-way radio system that includes portable and mobile radios, a repeater, accessories as well as powerful data applications, such as Text Messaging Services and Location Services.

MOTOTRBO™ combines exceptional two-way radio functionality with digital technology to deliver increased capability and spectral efficiency, integrated data applications and enhanced voice communications. In the ongoing effort to improve workforce productivity and operational effectiveness, organisations need to communicate with and provide information to employees anywhere on 24/7 basis-easily and cost effectively. This is especially important for organisations or enterprises whose workers are mobile—moving about a geographic area to accomplish their jobs.

This blog is sharing “What is MOTOTRBO by Motorola?” from highland wireless website, and especially mention their benefit.

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