beware of counterfeit products (1)

Distinguishing counterfeit products has become more difficult in recent years for a consumer as they get more and more similar in terms of looks to the genuine ones. In counterfeit products, there is no quality control or testing, which contributes to their poor quality. These radios usually fail 5–20 times higher on average than genuine Motorola radios. The consumer is then frequently left high and dry with malfunctioning communications equipment and no one to assist them because there is no after-sales service. These radios most likely pose a safety danger as well. 

The use of Motorola Solutions’ logo and/or name in counterfeit products constitutes an infringement on Motorola Solutions’ trademark. Considering that the seller might intentionally represent these radios as authentic, there is the potential for fraud to occur. 

Here’s to check if your product is genuine. 

  1. Check the MCMC Sticker on the chassis of the product. All certified communications equipment has MCMC label to indicate that they comply with the standards and legal requirements enforced by MALAYSIAN COMMUNICATIONS AND MULTIMEDIA COMMISSION (MCMC).
mcmc on device 1
untitled 1200 × 900 px

2. Check the serial number on the SIRIM website. Go to and fill in your device details.

serial number 1200 × 900 px 3000 × 1500 px
untitled 1200 × 900 px 1

3. Search the model of your walkie talkie on reliable sites. Contrary to popular belief, counterfeit products are not exactly the same as genuine products. The façade and function differs. Here’s a side by side comparison of the ‘same model’ of Motorola Walkie Talkie.


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