fiber optics distributed antenna systems (das) for two way radio (network) (1920 x 1080 px)

In a world where communication is paramount, Triple Access proudly introduces DistriNET – the cutting-edge two-way radio fiber optical DAS system by EVERTACSOLUTION. This revolutionary technology is designed to elevate communication experiences, providing a reliable and high-quality platform through its intelligent hardware and software. Tailored for team collaboration in daily operations and incident management within commercial buildings, DistriNET redefines the standards of professional communication.

DistriNET System Components:

  1. Repeater Platforms: At the heart of DistriNET, repeater platforms ensure seamless signal propagation and amplification, serving as the backbone for reliable communication across various environments.
  2. Combiner Platforms: Advanced combiner platforms optimize frequency management, ensuring interference-free communication for clear and uninterrupted signal transmission.
  3. ORU (Optical Remote Unit): Acting as a key player, the ORU enables efficient signal conversion between optical and electrical domains, ensuring the translation of high-speed optical signals into reliable radio signals.
  4. Antenna: Meticulously designed to maximize signal reception and transmission efficiency, the DistriNET antenna ensures consistent and high-quality communication, regardless of the environment.
  5. Radios: Engineered to seamlessly integrate with the system, DistriNET radios provide end-users with a user-friendly interface and robust communication capabilities, showcasing EVERTACSOLUTION’s commitment to cutting-edge solutions.

NetFLEX Cloud Base Service Integration: DistriNET reaches its pinnacle when combined with the NetFLEX Cloud base service, transforming the technology into a comprehensive and intelligent professional communication platform. This integration adds a layer of versatility, creating a closed-loop system that encompasses resources, business processes, system management, and services.

Key Features:

  • Resource Management: DistriNET, in tandem with NetFLEX Cloud, enables efficient resource allocation and utilization, dynamically managing resources for optimized performance.
  • Business Integration: Seamlessly integrate DistriNET into daily business operations, facilitating team communication and streamlining emergency responses to align with business objectives.
  • System Optimization: NetFLEX Cloud empowers administrators with tools for real-time monitoring, diagnostics, and performance optimization, ensuring peak efficiency at all times.
  • Service Enhancement: Elevate communication services with DistriNET’s enhanced capabilities, from voice clarity to data transmission, exceeding expectations and enhancing the overall user experience.

Focus on Core Business:

With DistriNET and NetFLEX Cloud, users can redirect their focus from communication intricacies to the core of their business. The intelligent integration minimizes the need for constant monitoring, allowing users to concentrate on efficient communication and business success.

DistriNET from EVERTAC Solutions’ is not just a communication system; it’s a revolutionary leap into the future of professional communication. Designed for reliability, efficiency, and user satisfaction, DistriNET stands as a testament to EVERTAC Solutions’ commitment to innovation in communication technology. Embrace the future with DistriNET – where every connection is a step toward enhanced collaboration and business excellence.

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