Wave PTX Mobile Application

Single App. Multiple Media

Turn your phone into a Push-To-Talk (PTT) handset with the Wave PTX Mobile Application and get instant communication anywhere you have  broadband service. Connect your radio system into WAVE PTX and extend talkgroups so that everyone can be part of the conversation, regardless of the device they carry or network they are using.


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Two Modes, One Application

Communication and collaborate with individuals or teams at the touch of a button. Users can select one of two client modes-PTT Radio, which emulates the experience of a radio device, and a Standard mode, which offers clients functionality.

Let Everyone Be Part Of The Conversation

Smartphone and radio users can join the same talkgroups so the back office and front office are always connected. Keep critical team members connected even when out of radio coverage or off duty.

Increase The Clarity And Speed Of Communication

Not everything can be expressed efficiently with voice. Push text, video, images and file attachments and ensure everyone clearly gets the message.


PTT Communications– Fast, secure and reliable PTT voice communication at the touch of a button. Collaborate with an individual, predefined group or ad-hoc groups created on the fly.

Integrated Messaging– Push text, video, audio, photos and files to individuals or groups. See threaded history for communication details. Store and forward is supported for offline users.

Mapping and Location– Find an address, coordinate a meeting place or share your location with others.

Photo and Video Sharing– Take a photo or record a video and share with your team for instant clarity of information.

Voice Messaging– Leave a message when a contact or group members are unavailable. WAVE will automatically deliver the message when users become available.

Real-Time Presence– Set your status and see who is available with real-time presence information-Available, Do Not Disturb or Offline.

Support for Emergency Alerting– initiate an emergency call with the highest priority and preemption with a push of the emergency button.


Add-On Features

Streaming Video– Optional feature allows users to share real time video at the push of a button, increasing communication clarify and improving situation awareness.

SafeGuard Package– Additional features to improve safety, situational awareness and operational efficiency for all WAVE PTX users.

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