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Motorola Walkie Talkie Headset

A good hands-free and headset communication kit are essential for the proper communication between workers on a busy day. Busy professionals require the best equipment to cope with high-pressure demands. In addition, no one enjoys it when an important call is interrupted due to technical issues. At Triple Access, we are aware of these. Being a distributor that deals in virtually all the accessories for your Motorola-branded walkie-talkie, we offer you a wide variety of Motorola walkie talkie headset. 

They come with lightweight push-to-talk microphones that can easily clip to your shirt or jacket. Many of the models we have also come with over-the-ear swivel hooks which makes them wearable on both ears. Our walkie talkie headset’s earpiece comes in sleek designs with modern miniaturized communication technology and no walkie talkie can be complete without them.

Be free to work, walk, or text! Contact us to order today!