220817 referral program

Everyone has a chance to get the reward!

If you have any friends or anyone that you know who are looking for walkie talkie such as 4G walkie talkie, POC radio and others. Please let us to know and you may get a chance to get cash voucher (e-Wallet) per set sold.

Our referral program is starting from 1 Aug until 31 Dec 2022 and term & condition details please review below:

A : Wave PTX TLK100i + 1 Year Contract will get back RM25 rebate per set sold

B: Wave PTX TLK150 + 1 Year Contract will get back RM30 rebate per set sold

Term & Conditions:
1. Valid Period from 1st August 2022 until 31st December 2022
2. Applicable to all individual except TA / MOTOROLA / DEALER / RESELLER / AGENT
4. Leads that has previously been referred is NOT QUALIFIED
5. Lead that has contacted TA/MOTOROLA is NOT QUALIFIED
6. Lead that TA/MOTOROLA have contacted is NOT QUALIFIED
7. Sales Payment must be in FULL
8. Delivery and activation must be before 31st December 2022
9. Incentive Payment by E-wallet Only
10. Incentive Payout will be in October 2022 and January 2023
11. Maximum Payout of RM300/Referal
12. Accessories is not part of the program
13. Terms & Conditions may change without prior notice

Interested in referral program please contact us immediately!
Phone number: 03-7803 7318
Email: enquiry@tripleaccess.com.my

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