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On July 3rd, Triple Access proudly hosted the “Solving for Safer Seminar,” a significant event aimed at highlighting the critical role of an integrated ecosystem of communication devices in enhancing safety and efficiency. The seminar emphasized that effective communication solutions extend beyond traditional walkie-talkies, encompassing a comprehensive process of Detect, Analyze, Communicate, and Respond.

The event commenced with a warm welcome by our Managing Director, Mr. Albert Wong, who set the stage by introducing Triple Access and underscoring the importance of integrated communication solutions in today’s fast-paced world. He was followed by Mr. Kamal Affendy, our Director of Enterprise Sales, who provided insights into the strategic importance of these technologies for various industries.

Mr. Lawrence Ong, our Customer Support Manager, shared his expertise on customer-centric approaches and how Triple Access ensures top-notch support for its clients. The seminar also featured an engaging demonstration by Mr. Jeremy, who showcased the capabilities of the Avigilon Solution, illustrating its effectiveness in real-world scenarios.

Ms. Lisa Yoo, from Triple Access, expertly emceed the event, ensuring smooth transitions and keeping the audience engaged throughout the sessions.

Key highlights of the seminar included live demonstrations of cutting-edge solutions such as Avigilon, Body-worn Cameras and Wave PTX. These technologies were showcased to demonstrate how they assist in the crucial stages of detecting, analyzing, communicating, and responding to various situations. The demonstrations provided attendees with a hands-on experience of the capabilities and benefits of these advanced solutions.

Attendees were treated to a delightful selection of food and beverages, fostering an environment conducive to networking and knowledge exchange. The seminar concluded with an exciting lucky draw, where guests had the chance to win exclusive Triple Access merchandise, including travel adapters, fast-charging multi-cables, and car phone number displays.

Overall, the “Solving for Safer Seminar” was a resounding success. It was a day filled with valuable knowledge sharing and the exchange of innovative ideas, reinforcing Triple Access’s commitment to providing cutting-edge communication solutions that enhance safety and efficiency in various industries.

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