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When ability to reach out, to receive and access information timely becomes crucial
Simple and hassle free operations for faster time response

  • With continuous effort in developing applications for Mototrbo™, TurboSURV is another powerful application developed from the use of TCE Control Interface Module.
  • TrboSURV integrates seamlessly with Mototrbo™ Professional Digital Radios which has the capability of tracking and monitoring subjects or objects, or other changing information usually from people either intentionally or unintentionally.
  • TrboSURV ensures radio users to be the first to receive messages and alerts triggered by the Intelligent Video Analytic Module (IVA). The alerts are available in all formats supported by the Mototrbo™ hardware on which it is enabled.

Integrates seamlessly with Mototrbo™ professional digital radios which has the capability of tracking and monitoring subject or objects.

With TrboSURV features, safety will never be compromised:

  • Enhanced safety and security
  • Quick Coordination and response to emergencies
  • Reduced operational costs with increased staff efficiency and management

Without the need to have too many separate systems which allows radio users to quickly identify and respond to the location determined by the allocated camera.

Protecting lives and assets by recognizing and monitoring threats, allowing means of prevention through early detection and allowing investigation activity.