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Introducing TrboFAS

TrboFAS for ensuring safety in various industries. Safety should always be a top priority concern for all corporations, offices, factories, retails, and hospitality to protect lives and assets.

TrboFAS is a powerful application developed from the TCE Control Interface Module that integrates seamlessly with MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital Radios. This application has the capability to send out an emergency alert to all radio users, ensuring that safety is never compromised.

One of the key benefits of TrboFAS is that it ensures radio users are the first to receive messages and alerts triggered by the Fire Alarm Control Panel. The alert messages will display detailed information that requires immediate attention and rescue operation. This feature helps radio users quickly identify and respond to the location that needs immediate rescue response, without the need for too many separate systems.

TrboFAS also plays a crucial role in protecting lives and assets by recognizing and monitoring threats, allowing means of prevention through early detection, and enabling investigation activities. This application helps ensure that safety protocols are followed promptly, and any potential risks are addressed as soon as possible.

Overall, TrboFAS is an excellent solution for companies looking to prioritize safety in their workplace.


When the fire alarm is triggered, TrboFAS work seamlessly with detailed alarm messages:

  • Alarm Date and Time
  • Alarm Description
  • Alarm Point Name
  • Alarm Value