Radio Phone Patch RTP-0100 provides an easy and efficient way to extend beyond Radio communications to phone users. By connecting it to either an analog or digital PABX, now we are able to provide a means to have the phone user contacting the radio user with ease. The seamlessly links between landline or mobile phones with two-way radios provide an opportunity for employees who don’t need to carry a two-way radio but is still able to communicate to radio users.

The whole solution uses a simplex mode of communication for simple operational usage, where the line for a landline or mobile phone user is always “open”. When radio users need to speak, they simply press the push-totalk (PTT) button on their radio. Once done speaking, the radio user releases the PPT to hear the landline or mobile phone user’s reply.

Radio Phone Patch Features
  • Provide a simplex voice communication between a radio user and a phone user
  • Built-in DTMF decode for automatic dial up and patching the radio to phone user
  • Built-in IVR
  • IP base configuration software
  • Access code range: 1 – 6 digits

Working with

  • MOTOTRBO Repeater Digit Phone Patch Feature
  • Must support MOTOTRBO Digit Phone Patch dialing plan
  • MOTOTRBO Repeater (R01.08)
  • TCE Radio Phone Patch RTP-0100
  • Require a PSTN line or PABX Analog line
  • MOTOTRBO mobile radio (R01.07) or Motorola GM Mobile radio
  • TCE Radio Phone Patch RTP-0100
  • Require a PSTN line or PABX Analog line
Diagram of Radio Phone Patch with MOTOTRBO Mobile Radio
Diagram of Radio Phone Patch with MOTOROLA Analog Mobile Radio


Network Ethernet type: 10 Base-TX
Audio Voice Codec: 8Kbps
Interface 16 PIN Radio E&M Connect Port
RJ11 PSTN Line Port
RJ45 Ethernet Port
12V DC Power Port
Dimensions 152 mm W x 95 mm D x 28 mm H
Weight 370g ( net without power supply)
Power 12VDC @ 0.6A
Power Supply Input 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Power supply tap from Mobile Radio