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Radio Over Internet Protocol ( RoIP)


TCE RoIP System offers the ideal RoIP solution for radio users. Primarily consists of the RoIP Gateway and the RoIP Management Software.

RoIP Gateway
  • Equipped with technology that allows conversion of analog audio and radio control signals into digital data.
  • Allowing them to be transmitted over the digital network( internet /WAN/LAN ) with minimal or no corruption of data during transmission.
  • Analog audio is encoded and converted into standard audio codecs such as SPEEX, etc, which are then delivered using UDP (User Datagram Protocol), TCP (Transfer Connection Protocol) or a similar transport layer protocol over the digital network. On the receiving end, the encoded data is then decoded and converted back into analog audio and radio control signals.
RoIP Management Software
  • A user-friendly software that utilizes a simple Graphic User Interface (GUI) to manage and monitor the interconnected radio network and various TCE RoIP Gateways from the comforts of a computer console.


Extend Radio Cover

Allows radio communication to reach any distance with internet or wireless networks

Cost Effective Solution

Cut costs (minimal installation and minimal maintenance required) by cutting out the costly and cumbersome repeater links with TCE RoIP Gateway

Overcome Radio Generation Gaps

Connecting radio systems that operate on different platforms, e.g.: Digital radio to analog radios – MOTOTRBO to GP328, etc.

Overcome Geographical Barriers

Bridge radio networks located in different geographical areas/regions via the internet. Allows remote access to the radio networks across different geographical regions.

Bridge Radio Networks of Different Frequency Bands

Connecting radio networks operating on different frequency bands. e.g.: Marine VHF radios to Airband radios; HF radios to VHF radios, etc.

Cross-linking Radio Networks of Different Systems

For instance, linking Analog Conventional system with Trunking System (Analog System with TETRA/ iDEN etc)


RoIP Application (1) : Cross Frequency Link
RoIP Application (2): Cross System
RoIP Application (3): Live Voice Recording
RoIP Application (4): Remote Channel Selection

RoIP Management software (paired with Base/Repeater) allows user to remotely switch Radio Channels from the comfort of the control room.
When there are a lot of talk groups on different channels, the operator can select and switch to the desired channel through the RoIP Management Software. (e.g.:port operator,transportation company,hotel management).

RoIP Application (5): Movable Repeater system (MRS)

By installing a repeater and a Radio IP Gateway on a vehicle, the MRS becomes the ideal, instant solution for quick deployment communication.
MRS uses the broadband connectivity from the cellular 3G(HSDPA) or VSAT to achieve its mobility. MRS is most suited solution for natural disaster rescue, army training, VIP security and other operations that emphasize connectivity on the move.

RoIP Application (6): Wide Area Network Coverage

Provides wide area coverage via pairing the mobile base radios at different locations with a ROIP Gateway device. The ROIP Gateway devices then interlink and create wide network with extended coverage for portable radios. This allows users to overcome the pitfall of relatively low coverage area for portable radios and provides interconnectivity for portable radio users moving from one geographical region to another.


Minimal Maintenance Required
  • Built to withstand operation in harsh environments.
Easy Deployment
  • Easy installation ( ‘Plug and Play’)
  • Minimal Configuration required
  • Supports internet, dynamic IP & Broadband /WAN / LAN/ 3G /4G
Linking Different Radio Networks
  • Connecting radio networks of different Frequency Bands
Remote Access
  • Supports management, control and communication with radio network via remote access
Expandable Features
  • Radio Phone Patch – Supports Voice Recordings for up to 30 sites, 24 hours simultaneously
User-friendly RoIP Management Software
  • Easily downloadable online
  • Multi-level User Option
  • Dynamic Grouping
Minimal Computer Requirements
  • Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7/8
  • Processor Intel Pentium 4, 2.0GHz min
  • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • Broadband connection: at least 128 Kbps



Ethernet type: 10 Base-TX

AudioVoice Codec: 8Kbps
Interface 16 PIN Radio E&M Connect Port
RJ11 PSTN Line Port
RJ45 Ethernet Port
12V DC Power Port
Dimensions 152 mm W x 95 mm D x 28 mm H
Weight370g ( net without power supply)
Power12VDC @ 0.6A
Power Supply Input 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Power supply tap from Mobile Radio