Operations Critical Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece with Push To Talk

Operation Critical Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece with PTT is being physically connected to the radio. This means a line worker can put the radio on a shelf and communicate. A receptionist can place her radio out of sight and confer unobtrusively with staff while welcoming guests. Or a sports trainer can leave the radio in a medical bag while he tends to injured athletes on the field.

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Fast PPT call (40ms) to ensure you’ll never miss a voice message

Convenient Ergonomic Design

-Fit the shape of ears with easy-to-wear design

-Handy PPT voice adjustment

Battery for long hour usage

-8 hours typical usage (5/5/90)

Audio & Visual Prompt


-Bluetooth connection

-Battery status (Low power & extremely low power)

-Charging status

Micro USB Charging