XiR P3688

With this dynamic evolution of MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios, you’re more agile, better connected and safer. The MOTOTRBO XiR P3688 Series is available as an analog/digital radio that offers all the benefits of the latest technology- from superior audio to greater coverage to longer battery life. This affordable portable is compatible with advances MOTOTRBO features you’ll find are business-essential, for example a transmission can be interrupted to prioritize critical communications.

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Connect And Coordinate Crews

When you need a simple, reliable, cost-effective communication solution to help multiple work crews connect, coordinate and collaborate, XiR3688 two-way portable radios are made to get the job done right. With their easy-to-use ergonomics and crisp, clear audio, now your teams can work more efficiently.


The XiR P3688 is designed more an efficient to operate as it is cost-effective to buy. That’s why there integrated the powerful fleet management capabilities of Motorola’s Radio Management solution into every radio.

Gain even greater efficiency when you migrate to digital. Your radio will operate up to 40% longer than analog on the same battery-and you get twice the capacity from the same 12.5kHZ channel, using our Dual Capacity Direct Mode feature.

Improve The Way They work

A construction worker carries his XiR P3688 as an essntial part of his toolkit. The digital technology gives him excellent coverage across the entire site. And it has significantly better battery life too, so he knows he’ll have reliable voice communications all day long.

The manufacturing team in a parts factory relies on XiR3688 portables to coordinate operations. The digital noise-cancelling software filters out tghe worst of the background noise, allowing them to hear claerly over loud machinery. Factory capacity is expanding, so they’re running MOTOTRBO DUAL Capacity Direct Mode, which can fit twice as many calls into the same spectrum.

A security gurad uses his XiR3688 to alert the control room to some suspicious activity. The radio’s intuitive design is easy to use in the dark, and even when he speaks softy, he knows that the digital AGC(Automatic Gain Control) will automatically boost the volume so he’s heard clearly back in the office. And if it comes to the worst, he can use one of the programmable side buttons to call for help-with one touch.

    • Analog/ Digital
    • Voice Communications
    • Dual Capacity Direct Mode
    • Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Standards Compliant
    • Narrow Banding Compliant
    • Better waterproofing IP53 Rated
    • Battery Life (up to 13hours)
  • Supervisor
  • Construction worker
  • Coordinate Operations