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Accessories Categories

Accessories Categories

Motorola Repeater

The Motorola Repeater series gives you quite a big leap forward when it comes to design as well as technology. Thanks to Motorola’s great wealth of experience in the field, their technological innovations, and customer feedback, the Motorola Repeaters deliver outstanding performance, durability as well as efficiency for your bi-dimensional radio communication system or business. 

Thanks to their outstanding reliability, added with the clever touches and battery charging system, the Motorola Repeaters are indeed the next generation of repeaters for your mobile radio communication system. 

Available in a series of models, the Repeaters support Analog and Digital Conventional, Capacity and Linked Capacity Plus, MPT 1327, IP Site Connect and other systems. They are available both in the ultra-high frequency (UHF) and very high frequency (VHF) bands. What more can a digital radio repeater offer? Choose from our wide range of Motorola Repeaters!

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