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Find your two-way radio accessories by typing in your walkie talkie model number (eg. XiR P6600i, SL2M)

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Motorola Digital Mobile Radios
Thanks to new digital mobile technology, Motorola mobile radio series now deliver an improved audio clarity that is twice as much the traditional capacity, coming with data applications. The dynamic evolution of the two-way digital mobile radio helps you improve your connectivity, security, and productivity. The Motorola mobile radio series has been designed for the qualified professional who refuses to make concessions. With integrated high-performance voice and data and advanced features for efficient operation, these next-generation radios offer maximum levels of connectivity for your organization.

You have the choice to choose between DMR models with built-in Wi-Fi; that can perform software updates over the air; Bluetooth connectivity; indoor tracking and location, and models with as much as 1000 channels, etc. You can choose between numeric and alphanumeric display, very high frequency and ultra-high frequency bands; models with global positioning systems and non-GPS, etc.